Friday, November 14, 2008

Here's what happens when you leave the camera out in our house!

I find all kinds of random photos - some of which I can't even identify!  here's study in using the "really close" setting on our camera - see if you can guess what the photos are of (I think I know all of them, but there's a few I'm still unsure of!):
Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

Photo 4:

Photo 5:

Photo 6:

Photo 7:

Photo 8:

Photo 9:

Photo 10:

Photo 11:

Photo 12:

Photo 13:

Photo 14:

Good thing we have a digital camera! Man this would have really ripped through a lot of film!

So here's a contest - and I'll even pick a winner (but I'm not sure exactly what the prize will be! If you can correctly guess what these photos are of in a comment on this blog post you'll win! If there's more than one person that can get them all right, then I'll draw a winner - if no one gets them all right, then whoever gets the most right wins!
And here's a bonus point - if you can guess who took the photos, that earns you an extra 5 points (each photo guessed correctly gets 1 point)

So send me your guesses in a comment to this post, and I'll pick a winner - and maybe I'll post some of the most unusual guesses too, just for fun! I'm not even sure who took them all, but I have a really good guess!


  1. Well Ruth here are my guesses:
    1. corn husk
    2. Stuffed toy (fuzzy pink fabric)
    3. muffin top, maybe costco muffin??
    4. peanut butter
    5. Thanksgiving decorations-fabric leaf
    6. bath scrubby thingy (pouf)
    7. white sock
    8. bread with mustard
    9. corn cob- indian corn
    10. item of clothing
    11. cat food crunchies
    12. cord cover(like the plaxtic ones for computer cords)
    13. upholstery fabric
    14. Esther's eye

    Who's the budding photographer??

    Hope everything is going well :-)

  2. Oh! THis is great! These are my favorite pictures to take. The kind where you see great texture, pattern, depth and color, but dont always know what it is!!

    My best guesses...
    1. dried corn husk (fall decoration)
    2. fluffy ball or stuffed animal (little kid's toy)
    3. breakfast cookie
    4. bottom of almost empty peanut butter container
    5. silk leaf (fall decoration)
    6. shower scrubby
    7. socks
    8. hotdog bun with a line of musterd (yum!)
    9. dried fall corn (fall decoration)
    10. Jessica's purse/bag from Gernamy
    11. dog food (I thought cheerios at first)
    12. vacuum hose
    13. I don't know, neat pattern though. I'll vote vacuum cleaner bag.
    14. Esther's eye!! cuteness!

    I have no clue who in your family would take pictures, could have been anyone! But, I will guess Reuben. Adrienne got ahold of dad's camera recently and took some interesting pictures, some were like those, close up, but her favorite where to track and snap a photo of the cars on our road. Can't wait to find out who it is!! Fun post!

  3. 1) Corn Husk
    2) Stuffed Animal (bunny?) Seam on back of head
    3) Food - casserole or baked good
    4) Peanut butter jar - almost empty - add to shopping list
    5) Silk Autumn leaf -Happy Thanksgiving!
    6) Bath puff - scrubby thing (Ruth, make time for those long soaks in the tub - you deserve it!)
    7) Sock by a counter - hope they are clean ;-)
    8) Yellow mustard on bread
    9) Indian Corn
    10) shirt/sweat shirt with logo
    11) Pet Kibble food (not to be confused with Cheerios!)
    12) Accordion vent to an appliance (dryer?)
    13) Car seat - up close of upholstery fabric
    14) Ester's baby-sweet eyelashes (right eye)

    I guess that Rebekah is the photographer (she has always had a knack for art!) Besides, if the girl can open a stubborn car hood latch, then she can figure out the up-close zoom features on a digital camera!

    I've loved reading your blog - have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!
    P.S. Last month I sent Esther an e-mail through the children's hospital e-mail service - hope you got it, if not, I'll send you a copy of it to your personal e-mail.