Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prayer requests for Thursday and Friday

I got a great photo of Esther just before we left for church Sunday, but first I thought a few of photos from her birth and first day in the hospital to show how far she came in 8 weeks  today might be great! This is the only photo we have of her at home - just after this photo was taken we started to realize that she wasn't "pinking up" and we just weren't too concerned about photos at that point. She was quite "blue" in this photo, and from there she actually got darker - more of a dusky purple by the time she left for the hospital - that was a really scary time for all of us! This is how she looked when I arrived at the hospital - one very sick little baby. But she was pink - and that surprised me - I thought she'd still be blue for some reason!
And here she is, looking like a princess in her finest! She was only half awake, so she looks a little groggy yet! Today marks the last of my "stay at home and schedule my day as I want to" days for this week. Thursday morning I have an appointment for Esther, and then back home for a couple of hours, and then back to Bellingham to take Jessica to the oral surgion.  Yes, if my year hasn't been hard enough, I also have two kids who need oral surgery! Jessica had a tooth that needed a crown last summer, but when they took off the temporary to put on the new crown, the entire tooth broke off at the roots!  So we were face with a choice of a bridge or an implant - both are about the same money wise, but the implant was recommended since it's her molar and she's so young. So tomorrow she's having the surgery to implant a metal thing into her jaw bone.  Once it has healed (3 - 4 months!  Ack!), then they will put a new crown/fake tooth on the rod and it will look like it's her own tooth and if all goes well, it will be permanent. Please pray that she will not be worried about the outcome, that the procedure will "take" and not have to be repeated or abandoned.  Please also pray that I will be able to get along over the next while (I really have no idea how many days she'll be under the weather from this) as I care for her and also lose her help around here! I also found out today that Jonathan's teeth have moved faster than expected and he is now ready for his surgery - he had a baby tooth that wouldn't fall out on it's own, and that caused the permanent tooth to remain in his "cheek" above his molars.  So he had to get braces to make the opening large enough, and now they need to apply a "brace" to that tooth with a chain attached, and then the chain will be attached to the wire from his braces and it will pull the tooth down and into place!  Ouch!  Great timing - Jessica right before Thanksgiving, and my hunch is that Jonathan's will be just before Christmas!  Happy Holidays anyone??? Also, neither of these procedures (or any of the orthodontist work on my three kids who needed it for medical reasons, and not cosmetic) is covered by any of our insurance, so I'd love it if you could pray that God will provide a way to pay for all this.  We were able to get financing for Jessica's procedure, but I sure hate to borrow money for things like this! Friday, two women are coming over to work with me to set up and access programs for Esther - they are from the health department and the birth to 3 program.  I'm sure they are wonderful women and they are coming to help me, but I just can't help being a little worried.  Anytime I think of someone associated with government coming into my home, I get a little frazzled!  Not the I have anything to hide, it's just that I do have a much larger family than most, and I just don't know what to expect.  In general people are either positive about a large family, or very negative.  Pray that I can have peace about this, and that the kids will be great while they are here!  I'd really appreciate it! Due to scheduling problems, Esther's trip to Children's for her echo-cardiogram won't be until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving - I'm relieved as my schedule between now and thanksgiving is anything but open! Also, on Monday, Dayton is having some major dental work done - under light sedation.  He had this done in September, and he was very upset afterward and had several hours of almost constant crying.  This time it shouldn't be as bad (he had his top 4 front teeth pulled last time), but I am intimidated with the thought of going through this again, this time with Esther to care for, and possibly Jessica as well!


  1. oh mama! virtual hug! You are an amazing woman. our prayers and thoughts are with you.

  2. Will be thinking and praying for you during this continued time of challenges. I can't even begin to imagine how it all comes "down" but I do know that the Lord will give you the grace and sustenance that you will need during these days ahead. Again, if there is anything I can do to help out please let me know.


    Laura Long

  3. Hi! You and the children definitely have my prayers. I know what you mean being nervous about having government people in your home. My girls are on the autism spectrum and were all born prematurely and in the NICU. They are 5,4,3,19 months and I'm pregnant with #5! I was really worried about ECI in my home on a weekly basis but I found out that my home was actually a lot cleaner then many of the other homes they went to (and here my mom told me they were going to take my kids away!!) So that really put me at ease. And the therapist was great. I haven't needed her with my last baby (I saw that vaccines were making her very sick and stopped them and she's been developing just fine ever since.)

    Anyway, y'all have my prayers. We have great insurance but like you it does have its pitfalls. My husband had an appendectomy a few weeks ago and our deductible is $1,000. On top of that they had excluded charges, such as hundreds of dollars for radiology (he had a CT scan to diagnose appendicitis) and pathology. I am planning my first VBAC and the hospitals won't deliver VBACs (very often) around here. So I have a midwife but none of the midwives on my plan do VBACs so that's out of pocket for me ($4,500 total home birth costs.)