Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the winner is.....

 Nicole!  Way to go Nicole!  She got 12 out of 14 right!

So here's some of my favorite answers, some for their creativity and some for their accuracy!

Photo 1 was the husk of dried Indian Corn - nearly everyone got this one right.

Photo 2 was the top of the head of Esther's stuffed elephant -  Auntie Lisa guessed that it was a stuffed toy and that was the closest guess!

Photo 3 was meatloaf -  Deborah was the only one to get that right - it was thought to be casserole, a Costco muffin, a breakfast cookie, a ravioli dish, the inside of a pumpkin, and a apple desert!  Great guesses!

Photo 4 was peanut butter - everyone got that right, but I especially like Gwendi's answer - " Peanut butter jar - almost empty - add to shopping list "  LOL!

Photo 5 was a leaf from our Thansgiving centerpiece -   Leslie was so accurate "Thanksgiving decorations-fabric leaf "

Photo 6 was a bath scrunchy -  everyone got this one right as well - nut again Gwendie's guess was so sweet"Bath puff - scrubby thing (Ruth, make time for those long soaks in the tub - you deserve it!) " - I do try!

Photo 7 was a sock on a counter (and yes, Gwendie, it was a clean sock on the bathroom counter! LOL) Both Roxy and Gwendie got that one correct!

Photo 8 was mustard on a hotdog bun -  Nicole was so accurate with "hotdog bun with a line of musterd (yum!) "

Photo 9 was dried Indian Corn - almost everyone got that one right! I liked Traci's answer - "dark indian corn"

Photo 10 was " Jessica's purse from Berlin" as Nicole got so right - but Roxy also new it was something from Berlin, and Auntie Lisa knew it was from Germany!

Photo 11 was dog food

Photo 12 was a vacuum hose -  Kim was the only one to guess that one!

Photo 13 was Esther's little backpack for her feeding tube pump - Deborah was the closest with "suitcase"

And photo 14 was Esther's eye -  Gwendie was the most accurate guess - "Ester’s baby-sweet eyelashes (right eye) "

You can review the photos here:

And the prize???  A bage of Lind Chocolates - Nicole do you prefer light, dark or white chocolates?  Or do you want a mixed bag?  Yum!!!

Ans lastly - no one guessed correctly as to the mystery photographer - no it wasn't Rueben (although he got two votes) or was Jessica!  The next morning after I posted the contest  Jessica came in and I asked her who had taken the photos, and she said she had as she wanted to make a game for people to guess what they were - great minds think alike eh???

thanks for playing ladies!

That was so much fun, I might just have to have another contest!  Would you like that?

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