Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday!

So it's been 17 days on this journey to grow closer to God and turn to Him to fill my spiritual and emotional needs, while eating healthy to nourish my body. To learn more about how God led me to this, please read my first Weight Loss Wednesday entry!

So here are the questions I will answer each week (far more important that actual weight lost!):

Did I overeat this week on any given day?
No, I did so well this week and have been completely over that nasty cold for a while now so I'm eating a little better.  Looking forward to a less busy week this week so I can take time to make a few things like cookies and skinny chocolate bon bons!

Did I move more and exercise regularly?
Yes, but I did exercise as much as I wanted to, but got lots or exercise doing house work, yard clean up and cutting for my home business!

Do I feel lighter than I did at this time last week?
A little bit.

Did I eat in secret or out of anger/frustration/happiness?
Nope.  I was concerned about the church's potluck picnic, but I was able to make good choices there too!  Lots of salads and meatballs!  Not positive about whether there was hidden sugars in those items, but I did the best I could at choosing foods that didn't look like they were sweetened!

Did I feel that, at any time, I ran to food instead of to God?
No, but just like last week, I definitely could have done better at turning to God when facing temptations.  I added some more sticky notes to my bathroom and bedroom to help me memorize scripture to help me remember to do this in God's strength and not my own!

Before I hopped on the scale, did I think I'd had a successful, God pleasing week?
Yes.  As of Saturday I had  lost 4.8 pounds!  But as of my weigh in yesterday, I had gained 1 pounds back - not from eating choices...not sure why.  I have done more workouts this week and felt that I had a good week, so I didn't let that one pound back on bother me (much).  So basically I'm at the same weight as I was last week.  I have done measuring in the past and I know that measuring is a much better way to measure progress (I lost over 30 inches doing T-Tapp but had only lost 5 pounds at one point!), so I am planning to start measuring again now that I am past our post-adoption-home-visit (which was just a few hours ago and I think it went great!).

I have decided that I really need to do a blog post about what/how I eat and some of my favorite recipes, so keep an eye out for that - hoping to do that over the holiday weekend!

(This banner reflects my current progress, not where I was when this blog post was written)

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