Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Years of using Essential Oils

Just over two years ago I found myself on bed rest and dealing with several health issues that just were not resolving through conventional medications and my doctors just couldn't offer me anything effective for these issues.  I had experimented off and on through the years with essential oils with varying degrees of effectiveness.  I had consistently been using Tea Tree oil (also known as Melaleuca Oil) and found that to be so useful in so many ways, and I loved the idea of essential oils in health and beauty items like shampoo, conditioner, lotions and soaps.

Through some Facebook posts I began to see that people were benefiting in so many ways from using a very high grade of essential oils, and these seemed to all point to Young Living Essential Oils.  So I took the plunge and signed up under Stacy MacDonald after doing some reading on her blog, The Common Scents Mom.

I received from Stacy a free Essential Oils Reference Book for signing up as well as ordering the Premium Starter Kit (these are even better now!).  I got the Home Diffuser, the Everyday Oil Collection (with 10 oils) and got started using the oils.

I'm editing this post to add that I just figured out that since I started using Young Living Oils I have not developed bronchitis once whereas before it was nearly a yearly thing for me!  That alone has saved me lots of money and the pain and discomfort of having to suffer through those miserable bouts of weeks of coughing! 

Here some of the oils I use regularly:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peace and Calming blend the best.  I love the smell.  I used is almost constantly when I first got it as I was on bed rest due to high blood pressure during pregnancy.  When it came time to be induced, I wore a necklace diffuser and had Peace and Calming in that.  Every time a nurse came in the room in the hospital they would comment about how lovely the room smelled and how relaxing it was.  Several even went as far as to ask if they could just stay in my room for a while!  This same thing happened when I used it at Children's Hospital in Seattle when Esther had her tonsils removed and again last month when she had pneumonia!

Peppermint is one of my favorite oils. Great for colds and stuffy sinuses! I also use it to add to the Trim Healthy Mama chocolate Muffin-In-A-Mug recipe to make it a Chocolate Mint Muffin! YUM!!! You can also use this when making candy - candy canes, salt water taffy and similar foods! I also use it to make a super healthy chocolate candy - Virgin Coconut Oil + Cocoa Powder + Stevia (or other sweetener + YL Peppermint = Chocolate Mint Heaven!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  RC (I think "Respiratory Care" - at least that is how I remember it) is a blend of several oils, including three different eucalyptus oils and is awesome for respiratory illnesses.  I diffuse this in Esthers room whenever she has any type of cold since she is prone to pneumonia.  Since using this oil Esther has had way fewer trips to the doctor and has been able to weather several colds without getting sick!  I also rub this on her chest and back and on her feet at bedtime and other times throughout the day if she is breathing with effort.

Deep Relief is my go to for any muscle or joint pain.  I rub it wherever needed at bedtime (Daryls jokes that I smell like a chemical factory, but this one smells to good and pepperminty/winterminty).  Sometimes I use this along with Panaway too.

                           Panaway is a great one for my migraines!  It's also good for any pains anywhere and it smells so good!  This can also be great for joint problems like artheritus or ligament/cartilege damage.  I used this and Deep Relief tons when I injured my knee two years ago.  I know that this was a huge part of my being able to avoid having knee surgery!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thieves is indispensable in my home!  This one smells mostly of cinnamon, but is a blend of several oils based on a story of a group of thieves who would go into the home of people/families who had died of the plague and steal their belongings when no one else dared enter the home for fear of dying from the plague.  These thieves would use a blend of herbs that prevented them from contracting the plague!  I use the Thieves hand sanitizer (smells so much better than regular store brands) and is so much more effective at killing germs.  We use Thieves in our laundry for loads that have unpleasant odors.  This is the only thing I have ever found to effectively remove musty/moldy odors from kitchen towels and washclothes!  We also use it by adding it to the soapy water that we mop the kitchen with and it smells wonderful!  We also add it to a spray bottle of water plus dishwashing soap for spraying/cleaning kitchen surfaces.  This is one essential oil that I freak out about if we run out!

I have so many other oils now that I use when needed, but these are my favorite - and you can tell as I have so many bottles of them!  I have a tough time throwing out these cute little bottles.  When I get a new bottle, I will often pour some from the new bottle into an old bottle so I have two to have around the house.  This work great especially as I have about 4 oils/blends that I like to keep on a shelf in the little girls' room so I don't have to go find them at bedtime!

Recently Young Living improved their Premium Starter Kit - so much so that I am going to order one next month so I can get a second diffuser to use in our downstairs, and to save on the great assortment of oils included in this kit!

If you are interested in Young Living Oils, please contact me if you have questions, or use this link to enroll and order your Premium Starter Kit today!  See what a difference Young Living Oils can make in your life!

I have also started a Facebook Group called Scents and Scentsibility - Young Living Oils where I can share what is working for me and also what other people have found to be helpful in their lives!  I've set it up as a closed group so non-members can see who is in the group, but not the posts so we can share without exposing our deepest secrets to the world!  Just click on "join" to come and learn with me! Come check it out!

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