Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orphan No More!!!!!

I am here to share the story of a little girl who crawled into my heart back in July.  I blogged about the photos that I had received of her.  I advocated for her, I raised funds for her.  She was 6 years old and the size of a toddler!

We even considered adopting her...but a child with brittle bone disease didn't sound like the best fit for our big family, for obvious reasons!

So I prayer.  We prayed.  Her fund grew and grew...until she was nearly fully funded even!

And then it happened - her family found her! In November I was able to make contact with "Alexandra"s new family.  They were adoptive parents already and were going to work to adopt her as quickly as possible.

Her new mother and one of her brothers traveled to Ukr@ine a few weeks ago, and this morning I got word that the adoption is final!

Let me introduce to you....Nastia Kate Frye and her new mommy, Tammy Frye!

So amazing to see God work in all the details to ransom this precious jewel and give her a hope for a life in a loving family and receiving the medical care she so desperately needs!

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