Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tomorrow's A Big Day + What We Have Yet To Raise

Tomorrow we will be holding our Priscilla's Ransom Spaghetti Feed/Silent Auction Date Night!

Amazing things have been happening - here's a few of the unbelievable providences straight from the hand of my Heavenly Father:

Food Donated plus money donated means that this event will cost our family NOTHING!
        Right Down to the last Dollar!!!  This included the fact that garlic bread just happens to be on sale THIS WEEK ONLY!  

Over $1500 in merchandise/gift cards/services have been donated!
             And more items are still coming in!!!

A Sheet Cake with over 90 servings was donated, as well as all the spaghetti!

Decorations were obtained just hours before the person who had them left to go out of town!

And just because He can, I got word from two different people that they were each sending in checks to our Reece's Rainbow FSP for $500 - That means $2000 when our matching grant come into the picture!

Here's a list of some of the items that we will be auctioning/raffling off tomorrow. along with their approximate value:

$30.00 Willow Tree gift basket
$55.00  Custom Modest Swim Suit
$220.00 professional matted photographs
$50.00 sports car rental - Mustang!
$25.00   Vision Plus Gift vouncher
$25.00 Wee Ones children's consignment shop
$20.00 personalized Tee from Bellingham Baby Company
$12.00 Hobbit Posters ($3 ea)
$60.00 Complete Custom Scrapbook Album, baby boy
$150.00 Cornerstone Auto Care Gift Certificates
$20.00 Grace Cafe Pie
$38.00 quilting gift set from Fabric Etc
$65.00 Pain Relief Clinic GC for consulation and adjustment
$13.00 violin lesson
$28.00 hand knit wool socks
$20.00 hand knit toddler hat
$60.00 Carl's Mower GC
$75.00 Hannegan Farm & Garden
$25.00 Jonathan Park's CDs
$25.00 Child of God framed print from Surroundings, 
$25.00 tackle box/hat/fishing tackle-Dave's Sporting Good
$35.00 Family Bookstore – CD/ DVD/devotional books

$400.00 Little Earthling Photo session + prints $84.00 Tupperware FridgeSmart 4 Piece Set

So Here we are...I've crunched the numbers, and in order to cover all remaining expenses that we expect to encounter, including all travel, legal fees and document preparation and we "only" need to raise $7000 if we can raise it before the end of April!  This will only work if we raise all $7000 while the matching grant is in here is my thermometer to help track our progress!  You can also see it in the right hand column!  I'll update it as we get donations!  This accounting for all donations that I am aware of as being made, or is in the mail as of this moment!

Edited to add that I found that I missed a number in my calculations, so right now we are down to $6,335 needed to raise if we are to have all funds in place by the end of April.

We don't need to have the money by the end of April...this is just showing what it would take to raise enough so that with the matching grant all our projected expenses would be covered by donations + matching grant! We would no long have to do any fundraising if that happens!!!

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