Monday, April 15, 2013

How You can Help Us Make the Most of our Matching Grant!

Sorry I'm only blogging about our adoption lately.  I promise to do some more of our happenings around the home very soon!  I have much to blog about, it's just with this matching grant ending soon, it's kind of keeping me busy - that and we are refinancing our home in the middle of all of this too!  Today we are preparing for our home appraisal - due to the spaghetti feed last week, and then this weekend we were all so incredibly tired, our Monday is more of a Monday than usual.

So here is a cross post from our adoption blog (once again) 8)

We have 14 days left until our Matching Grant expires.  So far we have raised approximately $6,500 since the matching grant started.  That means that with the matching grant, $13,000 of the $21,000 in future adoption expenses have been provided for!  Praise The Lord!

That leaves $8,000 in future adoption expenses yet to be covered.  So IF we can get $4000 in donations by the end of April, all our projected expenses will be provided for!

Here's how you can help us make the $4,000 in 14 days:

1. Pray!
- for expediency in the process
- for Priscilla’s health
- for money in place when needed

2. Spread the Word!
- Share A Seventh Sister Blog, especially this blog post, through facebook, twitter etc
- If you own a blog, blog about our adoption

3. Donate to our Reece's Rainbow Grant
                     (tax deductible)

4. Donate to our Paypal Account
                 (click on link and you'll see our paypal email address)
5. Donate via check
                  - email me for our mailing address and payment info~

6. Buy Card - $50 gift card for just $20, we get $10 for our adoption!

7. Shop Amazon via Our Search
                      Use the boxin the right hand column to start Your Amazon Shopping!
                      We’ll earn a commission on everything You purchase after entering Amazon
                      through this box!

8. Place an order for our Tupperware and/or Pampered Chef Parties:
           (email me for details on how to place the orders)

Thank you to all who have donated so far this month - it has been amazing!

Thank you to all who share this blog
post or donated in these last two weeks!

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