Saturday, August 11, 2012

Church Camp Out Part 2

So, I finally found another hour, give or take, to finish going through the camp-out photos,
and I've found some gems:

Isn't she just the most beautiful baby ever?????

My super man of a husband and one of his
 awesome round-house volleyball serves
(in case you can't read it, his shirt says
"My Real Job is Being a Dad")

Esther made new friends - they were dancing in the sprinkler together!

Esther having a quiet moment around the campfire

Lots of hair styles were tried out around camp,
but I think this was the most elaborate!

Sweet cuddle time - Jessica is an expert at putting Carese
to sleep when she's fighting sleep!

And then there's the SCBC Camp Olympics!
Jump roping made for the best photos!

The "medals" were awarded during the evening get together!
Reuben's team came in third place
Rebekah made all the medals this year and I think she did a great  job!

Ring Around the Rosie with super cute/helpful friends
They helped Esther go through the sprinkler too!
And I saved the best for last!
Carese was experimenting with stretching in her Bumbo Chair and it was so cute
I decided to take a photo and this is how it turned out
It just so looked like she was praising her Creator that I had to do something special with this photo!

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