Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things I am looking forward to doing again....

There are many things that don't get done when a mom is too busy...and some of these little things can be so satisfying, so here's my list of things that I am thankful that I will soon have the opportunity to do again:
Put away folded laundry
match all socks
make bread from scratch
bake cookies
sew curtains/valances
sew clothes for my kids
catch up in my family scrapbook
read books to the kids
crochet and knit
Do a thanksgiving devotional every day the week of Thanksgiving
play games
take walks
bake oodles of Christmas cookies and candies
rock my baby
read to the kids before bed
pick up the violin again
Bake cinnamon rolls
teach piano lessons
being consistent in my discipline
string popcorn for the Christmas Tree
sing in a choir
play piano again
make handmade Christmas gift 
gardening (well, next spring)
canning (next year anyway)
teaching the kids as things come up
just sitting still and watching all the wonderful things that happen around here...

It's not that I haven't done any of these things in the last 6 years, but I have had so little time to spare, that the opportunities to do these things are few and far between, where-as before I was running a home business, most of those things I did almost every day, or every week, or every season....

Sorry no photos today, but I hope my list has brought mental photos to your mind and maybe gave you some inspiration of how you could bless your family this holiday season!  I am so excited to celebrate the holidays with out the pressures I usually have...I am hoping that in a couple of weeks things will be settled enough for Jessica to pretty much run things until they wind down....(probably wishful thinking, but I can hope, can't I??)


  1. wow - I just noticed that almost half of my blog posts this year have been made in the last month!

  2. Thanks, Ruth, for the inspiration, and especially for mentioning that these things can be such a blessing to our families!

  3. you are going to LOVE being able to pour our all your time on your wonderful husband and beautiful children. As I told you in email, when I got done with my business I didn't look back. I haven't missed it much at all! I missed the time I should have spent with my family much more! :) I'm glad I found your blog so we can stay in touch. We are praying to have a large family too. After 6 years of prayer (and 3 little boys) the LORD changed my husbands heart and mine too, toward children and family. Just 3 weeks ago our special blessing joined us. A little baby girl :) if God wills it one of many more children to come. She is SUCH a blessing and we adore her. Children are so special and as Gods Word tells us they are a blessing from Him. Enjoy them Ruth!! God bless you all! :D

    - Tara (marliah)