Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful week #2

OK, so I am not getting time to blog everyday...that's just not realistic for me right now...so I'm going to post occasionally what I am thankful for during this month of Thanksgiving!  I'll post some random photos between my thoughts on what I am thankful for this week...but I reserve the right to post more often than once a week ;)

Elizabeth fell asleep reading Calvin and Hobbs...
wonder what she dreamed of that night???

I am thankful for a church that believes in the inerrancy of Scripture - Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Salvation by Grace Alone...and doesn't pussy foot around the truth to tickle our ears...

Esther loves her rocking chair and reading!

 I am also thankful for God working in me and through me to minister to other women...speaking the truth in love, having empathy for trials they are having that I have gone through, and a God who hears our prayers for others and always answers them (maybe not the way we expected, but He always answers them)

Did I say she loves looking at books?

I am so thankful that God has blessed us with 11 wonderful children, all sovereignly chosen for me by my loving Heavenly Father and brought into our family in His perfect timing.   I am so thankful for my friends who were willing to speak the truth to me in love about God's sovereignty and trusting God for our family planning so many years ago - in my weak, frail and finite human understanding I could not have imagined caring for, teaching, feeding, and loving 11 children, but I would not now want to live without any one of them!  Placing my trust in Him was a huge turning point for me - one of peace knowing that I didn't have to "worry" about planning our family anymore...you just can't understand this until you do it...do I struggle at time with leaving it in God's hand?  Yes, but that is when I lose that peace that God gives when we place ourselves in His loving hand to do with as He wills.

Esther loves board books, can you tell?
 I am thankful for days that I do not have to leave home...more time to love on my kids, cuddle with Esther, enjoy watching Jessica's horse graze in the front yard, enjoy my morning coffee slowly (had to nuke it I took so long)...and have friends over for coffee, knitting and great conversation!
Did I say she loves to sit in her rocking chair?
She looked a little hippy yesterday, but it was just too cute!
And her hair - it's getting so long!
 I am thankful that God gave me a blessing I would not have chosen for myself or our family - a child with trisomy 21...yet He gave us exactly what we needed...a blessing in disguise!  She is the light of our home, and laughter in our ears, and the hugs around our necks...I can not imagine life without her!
what can I say?  Our kids are a little goofy at times! 
Reuben is always ready to make us laugh, that is for sure!

This is what I get to do every night - check on sleeping Esther,
make sure she's snuggled and warm, and just love the sound of her soft breathing!

What are you thankful for that you would not have requested from God?  Something to think about!

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