Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Quick Update on my Girlies!

Christy was able to go home with Jessica  on Tuesday, the same day that Esther was able to leave ICU.  It took until late Thursday before Esther was able to come home.  We are managing their medication/breathing treatments and it is finally getting easier now that Christy is doing fine without the bigger pain med, oxycodone.  And by eliminating that one, she can also go without the stool softener and the antihistamine as she needed both of those to deal with the side effects she was suffering from taking the oxycodone!  Now she's holding her own on Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.

Since Esther tested positive to Rhinoviruse or Enterovirus, we are keeping Christy in a corner of my shop, but as of today she also got to play on the floor in my bedroom (this made her VERY happy).

Life with a G-Tube is so much easier than with an NG-Tube, but the recovery/pain (but it's hard to tell what is tonsil pain and what is G-Tube pain) has been difficult.  But it's getting easier every day!

Here are some photos of the girls from last week:

Christy place - all her needs met in one place!

Esther waiting for Daddy to drive up to the hospital and bring us home!

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