Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Very Busy October - Photograph Rich Post!

As usual lately, I'm very short on time, but so many amazing things have been happening around here I feel the need to do at least a quick blogpost!  

But first a quick update - Christy's surgery is scheduled for Nov 13 at Children's Hospital.  They will be removing her tonsils and adenoids and placing a G-Tube.  They expect that she will stay at the hospital at least 2 days, possibly more.  We are to expect a couple of difficult weeks following the surgery as she recovers and we learn to care for the G-Tube.  We greatly appreciate your prayers that these procedures will go smoothly and that her recovery will be uncomplicated! Thank you in advance!

I'm going to stick to just photos and some notes about the photos!  Enjoy!

Jonathan was able to borrow a front loader from his workplace.
He and I spent an afternoon and evening clearing and leveling our old
garden area and moving dirt to a low spot!  It was a lot of fun!

I became a Grandmother!
On October 10, just two days before their first anniversary,
my oldest son, Jeremy, and his wife, Sam, welcome
Kaytlin to their home!  

Isn't she such a beutiful baby!  We are so blessed and thankful
for her safe arrival!
Christy finally got to meet her other grandmother (my mom)
Carese and Christy got to wear their matching dresses from Bulgaria
and played together nicely while my mother watched!

Carese and Christy sleeping on the long trip to Grandma's house!

Every day I marvel at the blessing of this miracle baby!
She is adorable, cute and amazing!

The new aunts get an opportunity to meet Kaytlin!  They all could not get enough!

It was incredible to watch my son love on his daughter!
I'm so proud of him and how he cares for his family!

Jason and his girlfriend, Bethany, spent an afternoon
teaching us all swing dancing!  It was so much fun
that we are hoping to do it again soon!
Jason had also gotten a HUGE unicycle and brought it over and that led
to everyone riding a unicycle again!  Even Daryl rode again!
Here is Christy the first full day that we had her!

Here is Christy sporting her new "chubby cheeks" look!
I was trying to get a "Before and After" photo.
She has now been home for 5 months!

See this?  That is her right arm!
The arm that she couldn't move when we first met her!
She's getting stronger and is able to use it more all the time!

Christy is quite mobile when getting her tube feed!
We have to be careful to get all the air out of the bag
to keep air from getting in the tube and causing the
pump to stop and beep!  It doesn't slow her down,
That is for sure!

I finally got the opportunity to get photos of Jonathan and the semi truck
that he drives!

Even better - I got to spend the better part of a day going with him
to Everett and back, with 3 stops to drop off pallets and
pick up wood!
I'll be devoting an entire blog post to this adventure soon!

We spent a wonderful afternoon at a friends house learning
how to make corsages and bootineers for Jessica's wedding in January!
This past week Jessica had  bridal shower at our church!
On the left is her maid of honor, Makayla

She was blessed with many wonderful gifts!

A good friend of both Jessica and I, Elizabeth, was chosen
to do the "interview."  She asked Jessica lots of questions about their courtship!

I was blessed (and overwhelmed at times) to bring all 7 of my daughters that night!

Have NG-Tube will travel!
My two beautiful "Extra Special" girlies!

I got to see/hold Kaytlin again at practice for The Messiah!
I am so hoping that I will be able to participate in the performances this year
along with Jeremy, Samantha and Rachel!

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