Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Great Grin!

I was taking photos of her in a Snap-EZ Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diaper,
and got this amazing photo of Carese smiling, but it looks like she's laughing!
I love this photo and thought you might too!

And now for a little homeschooling humor (homeschooled children are notorious for bad spelling...I like to think of it as phonetic spelling, but yeah, some kids get it, some kids really struggle). 

 Yesterday when I got up and logged onto the computer, the following was in my Google chat with my interchange between one of my children ("me"), who will remain unnamed, and him ("Daryl"):

Daryl: hello
7:27 AM me: hi dad this is Rachel no one elts is on the canputer
 Daryl: else
7:28 AM computer
  you were kinda close
  Mom up?
7:29 AM me: okay. I have to get off now. I do not know
  obout mom
 Daryl: about
  go do a spelling lesson
7:30 AM me: give me a brake
 Daryl: break
 me: okay
7:31 AM give me a break
 Daryl: better
7:32 AM me: I have to go to now but I can her mom
7:33 AM Daryl: hear................. bye

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