Monday, February 7, 2011

I found my camera!

I knew I had put it in a bag to bring into the house, and I had looked in every bag brought in, I thought....but I forgot about my afghan bag - the one I used to bring the afghan I am crocheting for Daryl to my mother's house and back home...I had taken out the afghan, but not emptied the bag....I found it by accident when my rocker wouldn't was hitting the camera in the bag...thankfully the camera is unhurt and now I can share photos from the last 6 weeks!
Christmas Hats - Jessica made the one Elizabeth is wearing!
Dayton appreciating the cake Rachel made for him - it's a golf course green!
Happy 7th birthday, Dayton!

what doesn't belong in this photo?

Our current schoolroom set up, as seen on an average morning

Dr Elizabeth, service with a smile!
 Here are some things that have decorated our dry erase board lately:

Esther and I one Sunday morning
 And here are some photo's showing Esther's super flexibility:

Esther loves to help play foosball!

She looks happy to be all dressed and ready for church!

The little girls were a little tired after their trip to Grandma's house!

Jeremy doesn't always like getting his photo taken!
real smiles!

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  1. Your school room is looking great Ruth! BTW, your blog always makes me want some jelly beans, lol.