Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All in a Day - I hope....

Some days my "To Do" list is daunting to say the least - here's what I hope to accomplish today:

Get up with Daryl, make his lunch, load and run the dishwasher
Have quiet time
Fold and put away my laundry/make my bed
Bake 10 loaves of Bread
Make 1 gallon of berries into freezer jam
Wash Dishes
Switch Laundry Loads/sort dirty laundry
Make 2 phone calls
Pay 2 Bills
Put all 6 Thursday appointment on the calendar (they are on my Iphone)
Look for Esther's missing foot brace
Do Therapy with Dayton
Do Therapy with Esther
Preschool with Dayton and Elizabeth
Be available for questions for big kids schoolwork
Singing with the kids

And I need to get all that done by 1:30 as I have a dentist appointment for my annual cleaning at 2 pm.  I also have to go to the bank when I am finished at the dentist, and pick up a couple of things at the grocery store - milk and cat litter.

Then home to work for an hour or two sewing/cutting/snapping for orders.

Lastly, oversee dinner and the leave for bowling (and dropping kids off for Bible Quizzing Practice) by 6:15 sharp.

So far I have accomplished the first two, and I am halfway done with the next two...

so much to do, so little time....and then, while I was typing that, I smelled smoke and saw this:

So we opened the windows and doors, and I turned off  the oven...but it just kept getting worse...smoke started billowing out of the oven - we checked the warming drawer and it wouldn't open (there was a wire rack in there jamming the door and keeping it from opening....PANIC....and it was pouring out smoke...there were hot pads in there....somehow the warming drawer got turned on (bumped the button???) and the hot pads caught on fire!  I pulled and pulled and gave it all I had and it finally popped open - but how to get burning hotpads out of there????I took a bowl of water and poured it on them and they stopped burning...

So now we are freezing with all the windows and doors open as the house got so filled with smoke that the kids had to crawl around in the kitchen in order to keep from choking on the smoke...
On the lighter side - here are some photos from yesterday:
Kimmi thought school was preschool and it was naptime....

Esther loves playing the piano

The sun was out, so I sent the kids outside for some fresh air - they had a lot of fun with...

Esther - can you tell she was enjoying herself?
I'd better get going with my to-do list now that we have had out excitement for today....I hope the rest of the day is just busy and no more excitement!

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