Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am going to join in on this interesting new blog thing - All in a Day!  Each Wednesday a group of bloggers, including myself, will be posting on the same topic: All in a Day. We will talk about how we are able to accomplish grocery shopping, homeschooling, laundry, cooking and more with many children in our homes.

It looks like the first thing I need to do is to introduce myself and my there may be new blog readers finding me now (yeah!)
I am Ruth, contented wife to Daryl, mother to my busy family of 11 children.  All my children are still living at home, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this will not be for much longer.  Yes, they are all our children, yes, I birthed them all, one at a time. Daryl is a tool and dye machinist turned CAD designer, and has worked at the same place for over 20 years now.  I worked part time until my third child was 2 years old, but I never wanted to work outside the home, it was just what needed to be done (long story).  I have been a stay at home mom ever since.  I started a home business over 6 years ago, selling cloth diapers, training pants, cloth feminine products and adult incontinent products - it's called Snap-EZ .  I am currently moving out of this business so I can devote myself more completely to my family and their needs.
We live on 3 acres (mostly wooded), in a home we designed and had built 3 years ago.  We had to do a custom home because we were required to build a 3 bedroom home, and there are no standard 3 bedroom house plans that can accommodated over 10 we built a house that would hold us all, and my home business - and we accomplished our goals quite nicely - You can read about that adventure in my archives (2007-2008).
Our children range from 24 years down to 2 years old - 6 boys and 5 girls.  Jeremy, our oldest, just finished 5 years in the Marines, so this year is our first year (and possibly our last) to ever have all 11 children living at home.
We homeschool, love to have homemade bread and jam and hope to do canning again this year after a 6 year hiatus.  We love camping and taking trips (but it's a little hard when you don't have a vehicle that contains your whole family!).  We love to have fun together - we regularly play ping pong, video games, card games, board games,  volleyball (in the summer),  or just play together goofy made up games!  We love to have other families over and get to know them better - so if you live around here, or are passing through - drop me and line and let's get together!

Here's a little slide show I put together this year of our family through the years - hope you enjoy it:

And thanks, Renee, for inspiring me to start a blog 5 years ago, and thanks for Ruth D for bugging me to post more often!

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