Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is just too much fun!

Get together with a good friend with lots of kids, get out toxic instantly staining dye, lots of water, something close to acid to add to the water, stained shirts, blankies, sheets, etc, and a bunch of rubberbands and what do you get?

That most fantastical clothes on the planet:

Here's the red/yellow/greenish batch - fresh out of the dryer late Saturday night!

This was batch number two - purple/magenta/turquoise batch!

Here's one set of matching shirts - the girls had matching too but I couldn't get them together for a photo before they took the shirts off - although they wore them for over 2 days - I guess I just didn't have the camera out at the right time!

Elizabeth just had to be in the picture - and this is what you get if she catches you with a camera - instant fake (but adorable) squinty smiles!

Here is the only relatively decent photo Daryl got of us together - the timing was off and by the time we started getting the right angle, E threw a huge fit:

She even throws a cute fit!


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