Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally an Update on the house

I finally feel like I'm getting close to being caught up! I actually started unloading our trailer yesterday (we unloaded food, most of the clothes, and most of the bedding the first night), and I'm done with fixing the inventory for Snap-EZ, I've gotten bids on the windows and cabinets and decided on the front posts and am close to deciding on the front door...we've done homeschooling every day this week - going 4 - 6 hours a day, and I've washed6 batches of fabrics for the inserts and simple wonder I'm tired!

So now you know why I haven't posted hardly anything since our spontaneous mini-vacation! And no, I'm not going to post about the vacation yet - don't have that much time!

But I am going to give an update on the house, and I made an animated gif of our container arriving today (we'll move non-essentials into this to make more room for essentials during our "live in pole building" phase (we have to have the mobile home off the property before they will grant us occupancy permits! Yes, that means that in the dead of winter, all 11 of us will be cozied up in a 24 X 36 foot shop - but it is heated, insulated, and has a bathroom, so it's not that bad - plus we are going to pull our travel trailer in there so we'll have a kitchen, master bedroom or sorts, and second bathroom.). Needless to say we can't fit all our furniture, the trailer, and beds and ourselves in there and still get from point A to point B, hense the rented cargo container! It was really exciting to have that big semi arrive this morning with it's huge boom arm and offload the container - we all watched:

Sorry it's so dark, but it was on the verge of raining and then it started to clear up while they were unloading it!

Here's how the house has progressed:

A lot more shows now! Four Walls and all the downstairs floors are done! What you don't see if what they did to my back yard - you should see what my backyard has done to my kitchen - I mopped today and the last few feet I was just "mudding" not mopping!

You might be wondering why we have mattressed in what's left of our backyard - well, we got a new bunk bed for the big boys, and a new mattress for Jess, so the old mattressed went out to go to the dump, only the kids were having such a good time with them, I haven't had the hearts to take them to the dump - it's our trampoline, summersault pad, front flip spring board, and more!

Well, I've got to go to bed - so far this week I haven't been able to stay in bed past 3 am yet - mostly due to Elle teething, but last night she slept through and I just had a plain old case of indigestion/insomnia/there's too much to do so my mind won't shut off. So I am WAY beyond tired!

'Night Ya'll!

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