Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Tale of Two Houses

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time.....boy is that ever true!

Tale of House number one - the one we live in.

Best of times - it's actually gotten really clean now two times in 10 days~! Miracle! But it was sooo much work!

Worst of times - the ad for the mobile home came out a week earlier that I thought and the weekend before our county fair - so I put in some LONG days between going to watch my girls show dogs and getting the house ready to show!

I knew that having our mobile home "on the market" would be tough. We've had quite a few calls and shown twice (should have been three times but one was a no-show today - good thing I had two lines up or I would have been bummed to work so hard for nothing!).
It's tough because I've never been a really good "house-keeper" - I tend to be more on the relaxed side of things. Organization underneath, but I'm happy if the house gets tidy once a day and the cleaning gets done on a some-what regular basis (like mopping twice a week, washing windows every month or two, you get the idea). Things went along pretty well until "the business" took over my life 3 years ago.
Once I had the business taking a majority of my day, most of the house-cleaning went by the way-side and we were in survival mode - tidy and clean only when it gets noticeable dirty.
Well, things have been improving over the last year or so, but there are many things that were getting very "noticeable dirty" but for some reason I wasn't noticing them - at least until I began to look at it from a "I've got to get this ready to show" state of mind. Man - I never knew cobwebs could get so big! And man, can kids make marks in the walls or what! Marks, holes, gouges, you name it, they are on my walls! Ack!
So now I'm doing triage - I know I can't get this place looking like new - not eve close! So I'm trying to do what I can, with some help from a friend and my kids and my DH. We gone through every room and tried to remove as much stuff as we can and still live here, and attack the cobwebs, dust, clean windows etc. It's so much work!
But the good side it this - it looks so clean and big and....well better than it's looked in the last 3 years that's for sure!
I even took pictures of the room when I got done - just to remember this house by!
Here's a few highlights:

Yep - that two bunkbeds in a 10 ft by 10 ft bedroom! Tight, that's for sure! Keeps our family close, right?!

Anyway - it's nice to have it so tidy and clean - we are going to try very hard to keep it this way, but with so many little ones, it's really tough!

Tale of House number 2 - Best of times - Here's the latest updated version of my building slide show:

So this week they poured the footings (on Monday) and then they put up the forms for the walls, and poured those on Friday! Next week they will be filling it with more sand and getting things ready for putting in all the pipes and things before they pour the slab floor (for in-floor heating).

Worst of Times - we are all finished up with the banking now - signed out lives away last Wednesday - boy that truth in lending statement - that one will knock you to your knees! And so many pages to sign and initial - WOW! But it's all done now! PTL! Yeah!Now are are building again!

Hope you have enjoyed this installment!

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