Friday, March 23, 2007

I am a Survivor

I am still alive and things are looking up. I have been almost constantly sick (the flu, a cold, a stomach virus, and now another cold) since the second week of January. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I went to my naturopath and lo and behold, my immune system is not what is should be! I am so surprised! She said I was under too much stress....duh!

Anyway - I was referring to our new linoleum when saying I was a survivor. The new linoleum, stage one anyways, is complete. During this really bad cold I was having to deal with moving our entire dining room and kitchen appliances out of the kitchen and dining room - all into the livingroom, hallway and some things went into already crowded bedrooms! Talk about a nightmare! Especially Monday - my cold was at it worst and we all had to stay in just the livingroom (now reduced to 3 couches, with appliance behind them, and a 4 foot walkway) - that's 1 adult, 7 kids and 2 toddlers squished and trying to do schoolwork...NOT!

On top of all that, our TV just quit - black screen. I'm not that sorry - I think we need a complete break from it for a while. It is under warrantee, but that is always a hassle - hopefully it will go smoothly and when we have gotten used to it's absence it will be repaired and ignored most of the time! Meantwhile, the kids are re-learning to play together, indoors as we have had constant rain since I-can't-remember-when!!
Anyway, I thought I'd post this so you would know why I haven't been stocking much lately - that and there just wasn't any huge deficiencies in the diapers (we got way overstocked there for a while!).

As of today, nearly everything is back in it's new spots (great time to re-arrange the dining room!) and it's so much brighter (we had dark wood floor before) and seems bigger in the new arrangement! I actually enjoyed getting the diningroom and kitchen all nice and clean today - it's been a long time since clean meant nice looking and that is discouraging to say the least!
Jessica sold her last puppy and it is at this moment on an airplane to Alaska! What a great learning experince for both Jessica and I! Bianca is going to a nice family and I'm sure she will be well loved!
So we are now down by ones animal, but Miss T (Jessica's cat and the only cat we have that isn't fixed) is about due to have her kittens, so the repreave will be short lived. Two of the kids that work for us are already working on their parents to let them have one of the new kittens, so we might not have too much trouble finding homes!

Well, I'd better get back to stocking!

Have a great weekend!

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