Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ever Wonder About My Laundry Days?

Well, they are not always this bad, but many times I end up getting behind in my laundry. I did this just last week and spent countless hours folding and putting away laundry so it wouldn't be out when we had that birthday party!

A while ago, I was doing this very same thing and staying up until after midnight folding clothes and when I got done, I was so impressed with my mountain of laundry, I decided it was time to take a picture or two of it.

This is our 8 foot office table that serves as our diningroom table. Mind you, that this is only the clothes of the youngest 7 of our children, our oldest two living at home are responsible for their laundry!

Hope you think of these photos next time you think you have a lot of laundry to do!

Now imagine getting it all put away and starting over again!

OK, enough putting my laundry out - at least it was clean laundry!

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