Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Well, this is my latest adventure - I've never blogged before!

My dear bossum friend, Renee has inspired me! She has 10 children, two adopted, and 3 more coming through foreign adoption, and yet she blogs! I l
ove her blog - I'll add a link to her if she gives me permission - I'm sure you'll find her blog a fun place - she has excellent photo skill! She's also one of the few local cloth diaper users, and of course she only uses Snap-EZ!~ LOL!

Here's a snapshot of my life at the moment:

One House:

Our Family:

2 parents, 10 children (9 living at home, one in Okinawa serving in the Marines)

3 Miniature Schnauzer Puppies:

2 dogs, and 4 cats (one pregnant):

I am trying to regain some semblance of former normalcy - attempting to do Fly Lady and doing pretty good, better and better anyway (but that's what Fly Lady is all about - baby steps of improvement).

We are getting our homeschooling back into a better routine and we are seeing great improvements with all the kids.

I'm trying to work less, and schedule my work hours for afternoons only, unless something really important/pressing needs to be done. This is going well so far and I'm pleased with my progress!

I am going to start "moving" more - as in "get some exercise"! The weather is improving and I have an itch to get out on my recumbent bike again - now that it's day light longer there is hope!

And on a final note, we are in the first stage of planning to build a new home on our land - we have outgrown our mobile home in a big way! We are currently starting over as our wonderful county health department has decided that we can not build anything larger than a 3 bedroom home. So we are starting over with new house plans - this time with the idea of building a nice home that will sell easily so we can build out dream home somewhere else - probably closer to Daryl's work and our church!

Have a Blessed Day!


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