Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil Give Away!!!

Young Living's Lemon Essential Oils is such a versatile oil!  It work for health issues, emotional issues, cleaning problems and also is a great flavor to add to foods!

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I have used Young Living's Lemon Essential Oil in so many ways, and I have lots of more ways I want to try using it!  To date, and this is not a complete list, I have used this as an air purifier, food additive, drink enhancer, sore throat calming, cleaning aid and just to take a goo whiff as it smells so good and can uplift your spirits and give you an energy boost just that quick!

Now that I've researched this mighty little oil, I'm going to use it in so many other ways!

To learn more about this amazing oil and tons of ways to use it to enhance your life and improve your health, AND enter to win a bottle of it, check my full blog post HERE


  1. Lemon essential oil is one of my favorite oils. It helps cleanse my skin and it helps with blemishes.

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