Thursday, March 20, 2014

Esther is Home! + A Little Rant From Me

Experimenting with my webcam - Esther loved it!
Esther's O2 levels improved during the second half of the night and was holding her own on room air (not great, but OK) and I was able to sleep for a whole 3 hours straight!  Throughout that day she was showing signs of slow improvements.  After consultation he was willing to let her go home, especially since I had shown myself diligent in monitoring her breathing and able to monitor her saturation levels at home too.

It was so very, very nice to sleep in my own bed, and sleep for 11 hours!  I was up every 3 hours for a quick breathing treatment, but had no problems going right back to sleep!

Yesterday I was blessed to have two people come and visit me!  And I was able to finish Christy's blanket and secure all the yarn ends, and then my friend was able to take a photo of it all for me!

Yesterday I saw a mother asking if other moms feel down when they are unable to do more for their kids than to provide the basics (this was a small group of adoptive moms who have children with special needs, and many of the families have 5 or more children at home).  I related to her, as today we are bombarded with pinterest and facebook where people love to show the amazing things they are doing for their children and magaines for mothers and families that tell you that unless your are providing everything for a perfect childhood, then you are not the great parent your child needs, that they are being deprived.  Here is my reponse (aimed directly at me as I can so easily believe the lie and fall into this trap):

"My rant for today.....Our world today is selling mom's a lie, and not only are we believing it, we repeat it by posting/bragging on ourselves when we can actually accomplish something that is "pin-worthy." A good mom is not necessarily the mom who hosts amazing parties, has awesome craft times with their children, takes them on field trips or takes their kids on epic vacations. I have also believed the lie at times and felt like a failure as a mom so many times!!! But just being with your children for the majority of their lives, being faithful to meeting their NEEDS (not their wants or your wants), and loving them unconditionally is what makes a mother a good mother. My best moments as a mom are not parties and craft projects but caring for them when they are sick, holding them after a nightmare, listening to their dreams, fixing their favorite foods on their birthday. The things that show your child that YOU LOVE THEM - the things no one else sees. Doing things for your children so others will see what a great mom you are is cheating yourself and your child. Just LOVE them day in and day out and be selfless in caring for them. My greatest and most satisfying moments as a mom have been when my children want to spent time with me doing something so simple as playing a board game or just talking about what is on their hearts. Just having your children want you to around is a reward in and of itself, especially as they get older! Spending time sharing yourself, what you have learned in life, and investing in your relations with your child is what makes a mom a Super Star mom! But most of all, teach them to Love God and love others and be an example of selfless humility that they can model in their lives. OK....stepping off the soapbox that is in front of my to my prayer closet for confession time...."

That FB status got so many likes and spawned some really good discussion too.  

Yes, we do need to do our best to parent our children.  But that doesn't mean providing everything for your child - but providing what they need, and doing it for them, not for impressing others, but to show your love for them.

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