Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

Cutest Toddler in the World!
Can it get any more adorable?
We suffer from so much cuteness
that it's painful at times!

I thought I had posted this, but somehow I never completed  it!  This should have been dated a week ago!  Oh well, better late then never!

We are a few weeks into May, but the weather has been mostly like summer!  The kids have been enjoying time outside, and we even went to the park recently.

The only problem with the park is that Esther picked up a stomach bug that she then share with all of us. So we have been out of commission for over a week.  But we are all recovered and are now working to get our home back in order!

We have great news on progress for our adoption - read about it here
Jonathan on his motorcycle.  Serious biking gear for this boy!
I'm short on time, so I'll just leave you with some recent photos from around here!

I had a wonderful mother's day - we spent the day at Jeremy's house (what a blessing since our home was still in disrepair from all of us being sick all week!).  We had take out Chinese and then played several rounds of Ticket To Ride - our new family favorite game board!
Mother's Day
My favorite food!

Mother's Day - playing games at Jeremy's House!

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