Friday, March 8, 2013

My T-Tapp Experience....So Far!

Since I am now a T-Tapp affiliate, I think it's time for me to come clean and share my experiences with T-Tapp!  T-Tapp is an exercise program (comprised of many different work outs, suited to differernt needs) and is named after it's founder, Teresa Tapp.

I had never even heard of T-Tapp until last summer.  I found Charlotte Siem's blog and was so inspired!  I've tried different exercise programs and diets through the years, but they never stick because they just are not compatible with a large family mom's life.  But here I found a mom of 12 who had used this program, with no 'dieting,' who had lost an incredible amount (went from a size 22 to a size 4!).  But the thing that amazed me was that she had not only lost the weight, but she did it without dieting, was healthy and had kept it off for years!

I knew I had to look into this program, and I did.  If you remember, last April, while recovering from my first C-Section I had injured my knee.  You know, the kind of knee injury that never truly heals.  I had been told that I could find a "new normal" but that my knee would never be the same again.  I had also spent months on modified bed rest and had reached an all time high weight for myself.  I was out of shape, overweight, unhealthy and injured.  It doesn't get much worse.

When I came across this blog, I had just begun to walk without crutches after 12 weeks of physical therapy. I found that Teresa had created a workout that was tailored just for me!  T-Tapp More is design for those of us with MORE!  More candles on the cake, More joint issues, More weight to lose!  So I saved up and ordered the DVD.  I started the moment it came in the mail.  I sat down to watch the "Yes You Can" seminar DVD, and the kids all watched too - enthralled!  The older girls were excited to try it too.  There are just so many health benefits that they wanted to try it out as well!

So we all did the MORE workout for a couple of months.  Then I purchased the MORE 2 and Jessica purchased the Basic Workout Plus since they were not really needing the MORE workout as they did not have any of the MORE problems like I did.

In 3 months (15 weeks to be exact) time I lost 44 1/4 inches!  I only lost 15 pounds though.  I had burned fat and gained muscle.  The scale was not my friend, but the tape measure was my salvation!  I dropped at least 1 size, pushing two sizes.  I had energy, I felt great.  But best of all my knee was completely rehabilitated.  One day I even found myself trying to remember which knee I had injured.  That was easy to figure out though, as all I had to do was go up the stairs - the clicking is still there, but no pain.  I could even run up the stairs!  The kids were even commenting about the fact that I was moving faster!

Then Thanksgiving arrived and brought with it a cold.  While I weather the cold very well, the cough had caused me to cause some back problems, and I also did something to my rotator cuff (nursing Carese in bed I am sure of now).  I also pulled a muscle in my hip.  So December I was pretty much unable to consistently do any workout, and when I did I had to modify a lot of it.  January brought Esther's surgery and influenza which brought me down for 2 weeks being sick myself.

February I was able to get inspired to jump back in, and finally measure again.  I had gained back 10 inches.  Bummer.  But I tried to get over it and start.  I got a couple of workouts in, but was down with a very heavy cycle and Carese got really, really sick.  I measured at the end of February, preparing to see no loss but was pleasantly surprised to see that with only a few workouts in those 2 weeks I had actually lost nearly 5 inches!

During all this time I was never on a "diet."  In August I had chosen to go "sugar free" for a month to break some bad habits and tracked what I was eating calorie wise to see if I was eating more than I should, and I also did some juicing in September (just for breakfasts) to improve my health, but that was it.  No dieting.  In fact, I increased my inch loss when I wasn't worrying about what I was eating.

That is the amazing thing about T-Tapp.  It creates dense muscle fiber so you are burning more calories just sitting around doing nothing special most of the time and eating whatever.  Granted, if you ate like a glutton, I'm sure the inch loss would not be great, but if you eat "normally" the inches will vanish.  The other amazing thing about T-Tapp is that less is more!  There is no need for long workouts (The Basic Workout is only 15 minutes, the MORE workouts are only 25 minutes!).  You don't even have to do it every day!  I was doing my workouts 3 times a week, sometimes even less often!  You don't need to leave the house and you only need about 6 square feet to do the entire workout!  No exercise equipment either!

The health benefits of T-Tapp are also amazing.  It's great for your cardio-vascular system, your adrenal system and your lymphatic system.  It gets everything pumping!  It is also designed for great spinal health.  I have not had to visit my chiropractor even once since starting T-Tapp!  That has totally off-set all the money I invested in T-Tapp all by itself!

I also started "skin brushing" that Teresa recommends.  I don't do this as consistent as I would like due to my busy days, but even the little I have done has helped tremendously.  As I lost inches, I was not finding sagging skin!  My skin was toning as I lost the inches.

So now I am back in the swing of things!  I can tell I'm losing inches again, but I'm committed to measuring only once a month now.  I started out measuring once a week, which is fine, but measuring less often makes for more impressive loss!

I have a long ways to go, but I am hoping that over the next year or so, I will be consistently losing those inches!  I hope to become the "amazing shrinking woman!"

I hope I've inspired you to try it out - what do you have to lose...inches?  And there's so much to gain - energy, health, strength and a new lease on life!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story, It is inspiring. May be I should try too?

  2. I'm just getting back into T-Tapp myself after taking several years off due to an injury. I did great with it when I was doing is for 9 months consistently, getting down to 130 pounds and a size 3 at 5'5". But then the injury happened and I couldn't work out for years. Even now with the BWO+ I have to take it easy, but I have faith that the pain will eventually subside and I'll start losing again.

    Thank you for your inspirational story!