Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Little Gremlin + Adoption News!

Carese is the most adorable baby on the least in my opinion.  She does the cutest things like talking and babbling as she walks through the house.  But the faces she pulls are amazing.  Here's a sampling of her funny faces:
"I'm so Cute!"

"You're a weird kind of way"

"I'm going to eat you in your sleep..."
This is her official gremlin look!

And on the adoption home front, we are having our first of four home study visits tonight!  Yesterday we successfully applied for our passports.  Donations have been coming in steadily - our FSP is now at $235!  Our first round of Facebook Auctions was also very successful bringing in over $100.  We've also had donations come via our FundRaZr promotion on my blog sidebars, as well as some in person.  God is encouraging us all along the way!

If all goes well, we'll have our home study completed in about 4 weeks, and then we will be applying for the I800a approval (approval that we as a family can immigrate a child), and then compiling our dossier!  I am close to having the money for the I800a, but we'll have a long ways to go for the dossier (around $6000).  But all in good time, I know God will provide.  We plan to apply for grants as soon as our home study is approved!

You may notice that there are two new banners here - one is for restaurant coupons.  This one you purchase for $20, and you get $50 coupon for participating restaurants, and we get $10 towards our adoption!

Secondly, there is a T-Tapp banner.  I am now a T-Tapp affiliate, so anything you order starting with using my banner link will earn a 10% commission for us!  We will use that money for facilitate our adoption!

Got to run!  I'll be posting more about T-Tapp real soon!

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  1. :) Carese is amazingly funny. I am glad she is in good health.