Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shrinking to Gain

I'm double posting this because this blog has a larger readership than my new, adoption blog!

Last night I was once again so tired but unable to sleep.  This flu is the weirdest illness I've ever had.  I get so tired by I can't sleep.  It's probably what I have heard as "adoption brain."  There are so many things to do and things to think about that my brain won't shut off even when my body is screaming for sleep!  I console myself with thoughts of "at least I'm resting," and "it gives me time to think through things and remember things that I might forget in the busy-ness of my life."

Last night I had an inspiration - at least I hope it was inspiration.  I saw over the last week or so that another adoptive mommy was doing a "per pound" pledge type fundraising effort.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  But that wouldn't work for me for two reasons - I don't have a scale, and with T-Tapp my weight has been slow to come off, but the inches came off incredibly fast!  I know sugar is my weakness, so I decided that I'd do it either by inch of by day of being sugar free.

Sugar free for me doesn't mean worrying about the insignificant amounts of sugar in things like ketchup, as going truly sugar free would be expensive and thwart our budgeting to save money for our adoption.  I am talking about no desserts, no mochas, no cookies...nothing that is a sweet.  Not even sugar free alternatives. That means no splenda or diet soda either!  I did this for a month late last summer, so I know I can do it!

When I consider spending in excess of 12 hours in an airplane at my current weight I have visions of claustrophobia!  Airplane seats are so cramped!  I am tall too, so that doesn't help either!  So I really want to shed lots of inches and get stronger in order to endure the ordeal of flying to the other side of the world without compromising my health (physical and mental ;).

Lord willing, I will physically shrink while our adoption fund grows!

So this morning (when I once again couldn't sleep), I created a Facebook Page where my supporters can pledge either per inch or per day.  It will renew at the beginning of each month, asking that you donate your pledge at that time.  The following month you can re-pledge, or drop out, it's up to you!

Please consider pledging to encourage and support me in this endeavor, and if you can't commit to that, then please share this blog post of the "Sugar Free For Priscy" Facebook Page!

If you aren't on Facebook but want to pledge, then please email me with your pledge and I'll track it for you and post here at the end of each month!

Thanks so much!

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