Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three New Blogs!

I have decided to start a blog just about Esther - her story is so special, and so often I refer people to my blog just to read about our adventures with Esther, so now I have them all in one place (they are all still here as well). And now I can do updates that relate to just her and blog about family events and my opinions etc here!  Today I blogged about her last year's challenges, and her current health challenges and milestones, and included a ton of new photos!

Esther's Story

I've also created a brand new blog called "My Daughters".  There I am going to write letters to my daughters about how to become a godly woman, and to prepare to be a supportive wife, devoted mother and inspired homemaker!  It am still learning, but I want to pass on what I have learned and am learning to both my biological daughters as well as my spiritual daughters!  So far I have posted an introduction of why I created the blog and what I hope to accomplish with it!

My Daughters,

Lastly, I have begun to blog about God's grace and faithfulness in our lives, but the more I thought about it, I wanted these posts to be all together in one place...I hope to make it into a book someday anyway, so I started a blog for these posts:

God's Faithfulness in Our Lives

I hope you enjoy them!

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