Sunday, July 11, 2010

A wonderful Summer Weekend!

The weather was beautiful...on the edge of too hot, but not quite there. We took the kids bowling Saturday morning, then out to watch Reuben play his first game of softball (his team won, but all the boys put in a great effort!). Then it was home for a movie and baths.
Sunday morning meant church, and finally we all got to go (it's been weeks since we were all healthy and able to attend!) to church, then Dairy Queen on the way home, lunch, naps, a BBQ dinner.
Then we went to the annual baptism service and it was so inspiring! Wonderful singing (it was like there was electricity running through the room...) and the testimonies were all so inspiring! The 6 baptism candidate ran from age 12 to 20, but they all had changed lives and a desire to live their lives to bring glory to God. Amazing!
The we came home and made Strawberry shortcake our way - angel food cake + fresh, local strawberries, topped with oodles of whip cream!
A wonderful way to start my week!

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