Monday, July 12, 2010

Pray for these babies

God has put some very special babies in my path lately - Verity is a 2 weeks old who has Down syndrome and a heart defect. She was able to come home, but is really struggling with eating/gaining the weight she needs to be big enough for her surgery. Her mom is battling a uterine infection and mastitis, and some of her other 9 children have another illness. Needless to say, this mom is tired and discouraged at times. Please pray that she will get the sleep she needs, that her body will fight off the infections, and that little Verity can continue to get what she needs each and every feeding.

Little Emily was born last week, and she also has Down Syndrome and a minor heart defect. She is doing pretty well except for regulating her body temperature and feeding. Her mother did not know that Emily had Downs before her birth, but she's got a great outlook, seeing this as a blessing and that God put this special baby in her arms for a purpose...Praise The Lord! Pray that Emily will be able to go home soon and be with her family.

Also, there are over 200 babies in the world with Down Syndrome who are living in orphanages, waiting to be adopted, and many families wanting to adopt them...the only thing keeping these babies from joining the families who love them is funding...visit Reece's Rainbow and see how you can help these precious little ones!

Thanks in advance for praying for these little ones!

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