Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rainy Days, Guitar Strings, Full House, Anticipation, and Puppies....

We just enjoyed a couple of nice fall days, but now the rain is back.  It was so nice to have the kids outside again today!  I had a terribly busy day, as usual, yesterday (homeschooling in the morning, Bible Study in the afternoon, run errands, then bowling right after dinner!), so I slept in a little (until 7 am), and got a late start.

To my surprise when I came downstairs, most of the kids were doing their school work and their chores!  And Jessica hadn't been down yet either.  Amazing!  Most of the kids have lessons today (music for 3, art for 1), so they were motivated to get their work done early so their could play their favorite video games before leaving for lessons!

I found rather quickly that I am not really up to doing homeschooling (answering questions, helping them understand their math problems, etc), before and during breakfast!  I soon called a family meeting and made a new policy...the children can't do homeschooling before I've had my cup of coffee, my breakfast, my vitamins, and have fed, changed, dressed Esther, unless they can do it without my help entirely!  AND they have to have their chores done first!  So then they were sent back to finish chores while I got myself settled down!

Then I got an update on Jessica...her dog, Juliette had started having puppies at 3 am, and there were 5 - 3 boys and 2 girls.  All healthy, but she was pretty sure that there was one more in there.

Yesterday one of my errands was to get new strings on my guitar!  This week we have started singing a few songs together at the beginning of school, a few we know and learning a few as well.  We are all enjoying this and it's giving me a little practice time everyday on the guitar.  Right now we are working on "Dare to Be A Daniel", and what I call the "Happy Song" (Ho Ho Hosanah, Ha Ha lelujah, He He He He saved me!  I've got the Joy of the Lord!), and a few echo songs...those are the kids favorites.  I'm going to have to find more echo songs!

After school,  we had lunch and they left for lessons (still no puppy yet).  I got some work done, spent time on lots of phone calls working out details on having a young friend coming to stay with us for a while.  and caught up on emails, all the time checking in on Juliette every 30 mintues to see if there was any change in the status of that last puppy....nope!

The kids came home and Jessica left to take the momma and puppies to the vet. No news yet.

So, what's the anticipation in my title about????  Underlying every minute of every day lately is the a current of excitement...counting down the days until Jeremy is back home!  We just found out yesterday that he'll be arriving in Bellingham just before midnight a week from Tuesday!  So much for an welcome home party at the airport!  LOL!  We are so excited to have him home after his deployment of 7 months in Iraq.  He'll be home for almost all of November, and, Lord willing, back for Christmas as well!  We have only had Jeremy home for one holiday in over 4 years!  Yeah!!!

So, there you have it, a somewhat typical day for us!  If you want an update on the puppies, look for me on facebook (search for Snap-EZ)

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  1. You must really be looking forward to having your son home!!! I agree with you- no homeschooling before breakfast and Mama having a chance to fully wake up! Sometimes my oldest decides to get started early when she wants to be done earlier and I'm fine with that, as long as she can work on her own. Your day sounds really busy!