Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snap-EZ Products Discontinued

Snap-EZ Products Discontinued

Big Changes for Snap-EZ

In light of the new Consumer Safety Product Regulations,
combined with added responsibilities at home,
we have decided to simplify our product line.

This does not effect our line of Snap-EZ 4 Life at this time.

We are going to move to offering only the Eco line of products and discontinue our regular line.
We plan to increase the type of products and sizes offered in the Eco Product line
as our regular line sells out, but this will take time.

To start things off, we have lowered the prices on all our products that will no be carried over.
We will be continuing to produce products over the next couple of months
as we work our way through materials that are already cut and/or in production.
Once our materials are exhausted, then we will sell what we have and close out the products as they disappear.
Check our Price list for current discounted prices,
as we will keep that updated as things change over the next few months!

While we are sad that we will no longer be producing our colorful selections and exciting prints, we are excited as we move foreward to expanding our Snap-EZ Eco product line.

Thanks for being there for us through the last 4 1/2 years, and we hope to continue to meet the needs of families everywhere through our new line of Eco Products!

Because we are discontinuing these products, all sales are final, no returns will be accepted.

Here's a sampling of our Discounted Prices:
Solid Color Pocket Diapers - was $17.95 now only $15.50
Solid Color Nap-EZ Stuffable Trainers - was $17.95 now only $15.50
Solid Color AIO Trainers - was $21.95 now only $19.50
Changing Pads - $4 off original retail!

Order now for best selection!

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  1. "Absolutely bummed" were the only words that came to mind when I read about this sad news! While I completely understand this needs to be done, I was REALLY looking forward to getting pocket diapers from you for our baby due in July . . . we loved using Snap-EZ on our daughter and I am now just exasperated with myself for selling them off! All those cute color combos too . . . I'm so glad I still have a handful left.

    You are such an awesome mom and business woman, Ruth! Keep up the good work - we'll be ordering some Ecos sometime in late summer :)