Saturday, March 21, 2009

My favorite place...ER

Not!  I think 50% of the population is here too!

Unlike our trips here with Esther (infant heart failure), a possible broken bone in Rebekah's foot does not effect immediate treatment.  We've been here for over 1 1/2 hours, and from what we hear, the wait is averaging 3 hours.

Three hours of sitting in a crowded waiting room with scary coughs, people vomiting, sick people huddling in layers of coats with glassy eyes while holding your medically fragile baby.  I told the triage nurse that Esther shouldn't be exposed to this room and she said she'd get us into another waiting room, but they are so busy it took almost an hour just to get a bag of ice for Rebekah's swollen foot.  I've given up on getting special treatment, so I'm praying that God will protect Esther from all the nasty bugs floating in the air here.

Rebekah was playing some free style soccer with Rachel, and when they bumped into eachother, Rebekah twisted her ankle and rolled her foot.  The outside of her foot a littl more than half way between the heel and the end of her big toe swelled/bruised immediately.

Esther's trying to drnk her bottle, so I'll update once we know something.

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  1. No fun....when I went to the ER in Seattle I was there for 5 hours before I was taken back to an examining room and it was 10 hours before I was discharged. It was so exasperating.
    I hope that Rebekah's ankle is not serious. Reminds me when I was 12 and dislocated my ankle. Very painful.
    Love you and miss you sis'