Saturday, January 3, 2009


You would not believe how wonderful it was to take a long bath, snooze on the couch while the family watched a movie, and then, above all else, sleep in my own bed!  I haven't slept that soundly in weeks, and it was sooooo refreshing!  When her feeding pump sounded at 2am it took me a while to figure out where I was and what I needed to do!

Daryl and I were bummed that we'd miss seeing our new home in snow, but guess what?  We got home and there's still close to a foot of snow here!  We actually can't even get our cars to the house yet! Here's what our new home looks like in the snow - isn't it pretty?

So we had to unload at the end of the driveway, and walk in (our driveway is about 450 ft long!).  Daryl's working on getting the camaro running (the battery is dead, and we think the alternator is toast as well), as it is in front of the station wagon, and then see if we can get the cars down the driveway - I'm not real comfortable with not having any cars at the house, and the driveway blocked and Esther just home from open heart surgery - on discharge they gave me a list of things, that if I see any one of those signs, I am to call 911 immediately.  I did talk with my friend, Laurie (her husband is a firefighter and works in the same fire hall as my brother, Mark, in Bellevue (small world, eh?)), and she told me that if need be, they will walk in and carry out through the snow.  That eases my mind some, but if we can fix things, that would be much better!

But the best news today is that Esthe drank an entire 75 cc feeding from her bottle - it took a couple of drinking sessions, and just over 2 hours, but she did it!!!!  Look out feeding tube, your days are numbered!

Here's Esther in her favorite place - swinging in her butterfly swing:
Esther in Baby Swing Video


  1. I can't wait to come see her, I'll be knocking at your door in a couple weeks! Now don't you jump back in the saddle too quickly with your business and all, you hear? You tend to spread yourself too thin. YOU need to stay healthy. I can only imagine what it is like to sleep in your own bed after aaaaaall that time. Pure delight. Your house looks beautiful, we affectionately call it Einfelds dream house...a big box with lotsa room inside!

  2. I am praising God with you Ruth - I am so very thankful that your sweet Esther is back home!!!!! Thank You Jesus for these sweet babies...

    I just made some diaper covers for Emanuel, a sweet 3 yr old Amish boy with downs... All through his mamas latest pregnancy he showered me with the sweetest smiles, cuddles, and hugs. He does not talk with words yet, but boy do his eyes speak - they light up when I come - he runs to see me as he knows he will be scooped up into my lap, and there will be a stethoscope to play with, or a tape measure... I am looking forward to seeing all the things Esther can do!