Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So...they are going to build the house...

...over there?

Reuben, our 7 year old is the resident thinker. He gets real quiet, thinking so hard, and then it always begins with a "Soooo..." and out comes this awesome conclusion to all the hard work!

Today, our builder came out to widen our driveway to prepare for the driveway for the heavy equipment that will be frequenting our place as we start to build our new house (yes we are all excited - our 1700 SQ FT mobile home is getting a little tight). And on watching the builder cut down trees and clear out brush, Reuben came to the conclusion that we were going to build our new house right on (or maybe he though next to) the driveway! That would make our UPS, FedEX, and Mailman happy, but no, we are not building there!

He was much relieved when I told him that no, we were not building over there, but in our backyard instead!

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