Saturday, June 23, 2007

One year done, one year to go...

Our oldest son, Jeremy, left one year ago for Okinawa, Japan. He joined the Marines in October of 2005 and after completing bootcamp and then technical training, he headed out to Okinawa for 2 years. This week marks the halfway point.

I found this photo that we took of him the week before he left for technical training:

Jeremy in uniform

To put this year absence into perspective, here's what Elizabeth and Miss T (the cat that just had kittens) looked like this the last time Jeremy saw either of them:

ELE and Miss T

Here's one of Him holding Elizabeth while he was home:

Jeremy and Elizabeth

And this is what Elizabeth and Miss T look like today:

ELE todayMiss T and kittens

A lot changes in a year! Boy we sure miss Jeremy and hope that the next year goes by quickly!

Love on your kids while you can...before you know it they grow up and leave home!

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