Friday, February 21, 2014

We Have a Court Date!!!!!!!

From slow as molasses and no news from afar, we are now on the fast track!

If all goes well, Christy will be declared ours forever on February 28!  Just one week from today!

The judge has requested additional documents from our adoption agency over there, and they must be provided before the court date, so PLEASE PRAY THAT THE AGENCY CAN GET THIS DONE IN TIME!  The is not much time to "get 'er done" but with Go, all things are possible!

Did you know that our US based adoption agency is a non-profit filled with believers?  Our contact with them is wonderful too and prays for the families she works with (she has also adopted children from Christy's country!).  Also, our adoption lawyer in Christy's country is also a believer!  I just found out yesterday that of all the adoptions that were completed in Christy's country, our agency was involve in over half of them!  They are committed to getting children out of the orphanages/group homes/foster care and into loving, lifetime families of their own!  Isn't that wonderful!

Oh - and I know you are asking.....if we are granted our petition to adopt Christy next week, we could be flying out to bring her home before the end of March!  It is usually 4 - 5 weeks from court date to travel!

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  1. Such happy news. Congratulations to Christy's forever family!!!