Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't give up on me yet!!!!

I have been sooo busy this month - tons of doctor/therapy appointments, plus trying to do things with the kids to prepare for Christmas, knitting hats like mad (it takes a lot of time to knit 11 hats, but I'm over half done now!).

News around here - Esther got stitches, but they are out and she will have a scar above her eye, but nothing serious.   Esther has not been sick even once since we started thickening her liquids back in September - YEAH!!!  Dayton is feeling better after exrays revealed that he was all blocked up - things are working much better now, poor guy.  Elizabeth is now 5 years old, and I am one year older as well.  Our front yard turned into a lake last weekend, but the flood waters receded quickly.  I got a wonderful tuned wind chime for my birthday from Daryl - I've wanted one for years!  And I have been nearly swamped with sewing for orders as I try to use up our remaining fabrics to fill orders...

I have a few good blog subjects floating around in my head, so you can look forward to those next month!

That's all I have time for - I promise to be a better blogger after the holidays!

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