Friday, February 20, 2009

Snap-EZ/Snap-EZ 4 Life Stocking and Sales!

We finally were able to do some restocking!

Today we restocked for Snap-EZ the 2T Cotton Trainers, 3T Nap-EZ Trainer in Solid Colors, and 3T AIO Trainers in Solid Colors!

We also have a lot of White/White for Snap-EZ 4 Life in Extra Large, Large and Medium Pocket Diapers (Regular and Low Rise)!

PLUS we are running a Fabulous February Sale!

Check out the Details using these links:

Snap-EZ Specials

Snap-EZ 4 Life What's New

And last, but not Least! We are discontinuing the Snap-EZ AIO Diapers, and they have all been moved to the DealZ Pages! They are marked down to under $15 ea! As low as $11 for small solid colors!!!!!

And don't forget, as always we offer Free Shipping for all orders over $125 - to anywhere in the world!!!!!

Sale ends 2/28 so hurry in to order to get best selection!

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