Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We are painting...

I sprayed primer last week, as well as painting the garage - all interior of course! We started putting color inside the house yesterday after the texture got finished. But I didn't get very far - just one room.

So last night it snowed 4 inches of fluff - you know...the kind of snow you brush easily off the car. We've been below freezing around here for over a week so all our puddles, big and small, have been frozen solid. This made for much fun for the children sliding and such!

So this new snow covered all the ice and made a very beautiful picture this morning. I was so anxious to get more painting done (I was only able to pick up some of the paint), and we were completely out of cheese and peanut butter (a complete crisis for our family, especially me as I always have peanut butter on toast for breakfast!), so I decided to brave the elements. I envisioned going off the road in this cold, so I put on my thermal undergarments, and donned my DSs rubber boots and headed out the door.

I hadn't gone even 15 feet from the front porch, hadn't even put on my gloves or zipped my coat yet (I had started to get too warm in the house), and woooof I was on the ground - found some of that hidden ice!

Remember those nasty "hurdler stretches" you did in PE? Well, they hurt back then, but let me tell you, at 44 and when done suddenly and involuntarily, it is very painful and tends to do nasty things to your knees! It makes a nasty little popping sound!

It totally freaked me out, so I sat there for a moment and took a little inventory and I seemed to be OK, just a little weird in the knee - so I got up, moving carefully, and got the snow out of my purse, gloves on my hands, zipped my coat and cleared off the car, testing the knee.

It seemed OK so I left to run my errands - got the paint, got the groceries, and added one errand, that of going to the pharmacy to get a large ace bandage for my now qutie sore knee.

I did have one more adventure between errands - I found one intersection to be much icier than it looked - I found myself doing a 180 before I had much time to even ponder why I was seeing the telephone pole, stop sign, and fire hydrant fly by - but I did have time to say a quick prayer "please don't let me hit anything!". But all was OK, and after I got straightened out and headed in the direction I wanted to go, I was actually laughing - so glad God saw fit to preserve my DH's car!

So instead of doing the painting I so wanted/needed to do, I spent most of the day with ice on my knee. I did go out with the girls long enough to show them how to paint and they got pretty far on their bedroom!

I've promised DH to go to the doctor tomorrow if it's still quite painful, but I just wasn't up to venturing out again today for some strange reason!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures today - It will make a great story to tell my grandkids someday, I'm sure!

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