Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh - and an update on the house, of course!

Right now, the electrical and plumbing rough in is done, they started the insulation yesterday, and the sheet rock is scheduled to arrive this week yet! Outside, the siding is done on two sides, and half done on two sides! We're still on schedule for a finish in late February or early March!!! We are definitely getting closer!

I don't have my gif animator on this computer, so I'll just post what it looks like now:

Oh - and I almost forgot - a customer of mine, Beth W, who bought from me way back near the beginning, moved out to British Columbia, just across the border from me, last summer! She called and came over today, bearing Christmas gifts (coffee and cookies from Canada - and I just ran all out of coffee yesterday, so it was such a blessing to me!), and she and I had a lovely time visiting and I even got to give her a tour of the new house!

She was especially impressed with how close the new house is to the old one - if you look close, you can see that they aren't able to finish the last part of the porch because it's too close to the mobile home!!! LOL!!

Hope you enjoy this house update!

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