Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It just seems to get crazier by the day!

Sorry for the lack of posts - we have been putting new flooring in our mobile home to get it ready to sell - for some reason most of the flooring is trashed - wonder how that happened! LOL!

The house project is coming along nicely - all the inside walls are framed in now and they are nearly done doing the plumbing rough in and the showers/tubs are in now. Best of all they got the front porch almost done:

(if the last image doesn't have a porch on it, hit refresh!)

I'm having a little trouble with high blood pressure so I'm trying to reduce my stress load (yeah right!) - so I might not update a lot here this month. I'll be back to update when the siding is done (they've done some on the backside already).

Thanks for stopping by!


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