Thursday, May 17, 2007

My brain is mushy!

The last week of April, I went to the National Bible Quiz Meet in Missouri to watch/support our son, Jason, as he competed there! We had so much fun and the Quizzing was so inspiring, that on Saturday Night many of the parents that came with our teams were standing in the hallway of the Hotel and I came up with the bright idea of forming an adult team for the year end banquet! Sounded like a lot of fun!

A little background - Every year Teens For Christ sponsors the Bible Quizzing matches (you can check out their website here )here in Whatcom County, and at the end of the year, they host a dessert banquet where they pass out awards and prizes to the quizzers that memorized 100 verses! Then they have a quiz match for the top 15 quizzers of the year. They also have an "adult quiz match" - this is usually coaches, but sometime parents do this too. They usually narrow down the material to one chapter to go easy on the old brains!

So, after learning so much at nationals about team work and jumping styles and so for, we thought it would be fun to take that and try putting together an adult team (there's never been a team before - just individuals competing in the adult match). Well, I suggest we put together a ladies team and the men can put one together for the men! We got so excited about this!

Well, now I sit staring at my callendar with only 2 days to go, 1 really fun practice with my fellow "Prominent Women" teammates, and coming to grips with the fact that my brain is just not used to memorizing anymore - and when combining that with standing on a stage before many people (somewhere around 100 people from what I hear), and not only recalling the verses I've memorized, but being able to put the verse into action in the form of a question and an answer is becoming a daunting idea!

We had a blast at our practice today - one of our quizzers from nationals, Jaquiem, has stepped up to coach us, and my DD, Jessica, did score keeping, and another mom's DD, Hannah, did timing, and we did a couple of practice matches!

It was a lot of fun, but sometimes my brain felt like mush! I'd stand there repeating the question asked and NOTHING would come into my brain! ACK!

Then we were talking about how in the book we are memorizing from (Acts) there was something about God putting the words into their mouths that they were to speak, so I suggested that would be something for us to pray about - that God would put the right words in our mouth even when we are nervous and distracted!

Anyway, part of me can't wait as it will be a lot of fun (we have a secret chant and some fun things we are going to do that the quizzers will appreciate), so even if I bomb and my mind goes blank, we will have a great time - and nothing is wasted...I'm hiding God's word in my heart for the first time in years!

Here's my favorite from my section - Acts 5:29 "Peter and the other Apostles replied, "We must obey God, rather than men."

Funny that we are competing against a men's team! HAHA!

I'll let you know how it went next week!


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